Suppose a hazardous situation occurred on your campus today… Perhaps a rapidly approaching weather emergency, a toxic spill, or an armed intruder on campus.  As an administrator, you’d have only seconds to act to protect the health and safety of your students and employees.  How would you relay critical information quickly – not only throughout your classrooms, buildings and grounds, but to students and employees who may be in-transit, and your neighbors in the local community?

With CampusNotice®, your key administrators would have access from their smart-phones, computers, and tablets to send high-priority emergency texts to your entire community, with guaranteed delivery to every recipient within a matter of seconds.*  

Further, with our Return Text Confirmation feature, SMS text recipients can easily reply to “check-in” after an emergency occurs.

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*The network utilizes high-priority text messages.  Our SMS service providers guarantee 100% delivery of high-priority text messages within 30 seconds, but the majority of high priority texts arrive in just a few seconds. Our highly-secure system utilizes state-of-the art encryption technology, multiple back-up servers, and the highest quality SMS service providers available to ensure that the system will work quickly, easily, and reliably - every time.

CampusNotice® is a web-based system that provides emergency and non-emergency SMS text messaging broadcasts to targeted groups within your campus community. This simple, low-cost solution offers institutional control of the on-line database of participant information, and access from both internet-connected computers and wireless mobile devices.

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