Fast Access for School Administrators – From Computer or Smart Phone

Our Administrator Portal allows those school employees designated as “administrators” to access the network quickly and easily from their desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Upon log-on, the system opens directly into the Send Emergency Alert page to save precious seconds (and clicks) in an emergency situation.  Further, when a student sends a reply to any text message sent through the CampusNotice system, including “stop” messages to unsubscribe, the system generates an email to designated administrators, allowing for appropriate responses and timely retention efforts.*

Straightforward, User-Friendly Administrator Portal

Our Administrator Portal is simple, easy to use, and designed for minimal data maintenance. The CampusNotice Emergency Alert system needs little maintenance other than biannual network test transmissions because users initiate and maintain their own accounts.

The student communication system options are similarly easy to use and designed for limited maintenance. In fact, many institutions report not only more successful communication with their students, but also significant savings in staff time vs. other communications methods.

Simple Institutional Set-Up - With U.S. Based Tech Support If You Need It.

CampusNotice® is designed to be easy to set-up and easy to operate.  All you need to provide is your institution’s contact information and an electronic file of your school’s logo. The system will create your school’s custom landing page. You can even download a set of “web buttons” suitable for use on your institutional website as links to the landing page, and sample announcement flyer layouts. Not sure you can do it yourself?  The system offers step-by-step videos demonstrating each function - and our friendly, knowledgeable staff is available to help is you have any questions.

Easy Student Sign-Up

CampusNotice® features easy web-based sign-up for students and parents through your institution’s custom landing page. Subscribed users can also use this page to view/modify their account details or unsubscribe from the network.

If you'd like to get started quickly, your institution can upload a spreadsheet of current student/employee data to pre-fill the database and eliminate the individual sign-up for your current student body.**

How To Get Started…

We think you’ll be amazed at how easy and effective student communication by SMS text message can be!

Ready to take the next step?  Start by estimating the size of your student body and determining your core administartors.  Then simply purchase the system on-line and get started!  In most cases, your system can be up and running in a few hours - and our tech support is here to help if you have any problems. 

Have more questions?  Our highly trained, professional consultants are available by toll-free telephone during regular business hours (Eastern time) at 866-767-5692

* Reply messages are forwarded as email messages, including all available user contact data from the CampusNotice database.  The institution can select which administrators receive these emails through the Administrator Portal.

** Student data spreadsheet requires the following minimum data for each student: first name, last name, email address, cell phone number. The institution is responsible for securing user permission to send text messaages prior to uploading data if required by law in the institution's jurisdiction. User sign-ups through the CampusNotice web portal secure all necessary permissions automatically.

CampusNotice® is a web-based system that provides emergency and non-emergency SMS text messaging broadcasts to targeted groups within your campus community. This simple, low-cost solution offers institutional control of the on-line database of participant information, and access from both internet-connected computers and wireless mobile devices.

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