Emergency scenarios aside, communicating with students in general is a challenge throughout the higher-education community.  As any parent of a college student will tell you, the most effective way to communicate with students isn’t telephone, “snail mail”, or even e-mail. Most students spend a large portion of their day engaged in conversations via text message, and will only read their e-mail occasionally. 

With CampusNotice®, your school’s administrators will be able to communicate directly with targeted sub-sets of your network database - students, staff, faculty, parents, and even prospective students - to deliver notices of upcoming events, administrative reminders, or up-to-the minute information about campus activities.  The added feature of Return Text Confirmation keeps institutional staff aware of any students who unsubscribe or reply to network messages, allowing for quick identification of potential retention issues.

CampusNotice can also be highly effective in maintaining contact with student-applicants prior to the start of classes, which can have a positive impact on new student enrollment.

“Our research indicates that used correctly, SMS text communication with prospective students, between accepted application and the start of classes, can result in a five to ten percentage point increase in “sit rate”. SMS text is also a great tool to remind prospective students about orientation events and other pre-enrollment activities."          

 - Gregg Meiklejohn  – President, Enrollment Resources, LLC.

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*The network utilizes high-priority text messages.  Our SMS service providers guarantee 100% delivery of high-priority text messages within 30 seconds, but the majority of high priority texts arrive in just a few seconds. Our highly-secure system utilizes state-of-the art encryption technology, multiple back-up servers, and the highest quality SMS service providers available to ensure that the system will work quickly, easily, and reliably - every time.

CampusNotice® is a web-based system that provides emergency and non-emergency SMS text messaging broadcasts to targeted groups within your campus community. This simple, low-cost solution offers institutional control of the on-line database of participant information, and access from both internet-connected computers and wireless mobile devices.

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