CampusNotice® is built with the latest technology by an industry leader in higher-education compliance.  Our state-of-the-art platform and low overhead allow us to offer this essential service to higher-education institutions, along with an extensive list of additional bonus features, at a fraction of the cost of other full-featured systems.

Annual Subscription Details:  Each subscription is for one year beginning on the sign-up date, and provides enough message capacity for even heavy institutional users. Additional message credits are available at any point if your student body/database grows beyond expectations. 

Roll-over Credits:  Upon timely renewal of the school's annual subscription, unused text message credits "roll over" to the new subscription year. Text message credits will expire only upon lapse of the school's subscription.

Annual subscription renewals can be purchased from within the school’s Administrative Portal.  Renewal reminder emails are sent automatically to selected administrators at sixty, thirty, and seven days prior to subscription expiration.

CampusNotice® System (including both the Emergency Alert System and Student Communication System)

Level 1 - Recommended for schools with up to 500 students: 

One year subscription includes 20,000 text messages                               $1,995


Level 2 - Recommended for schools with 500 to 1000 students:

One year subscription includes 40,000 text messages                               $2,595


Level 3 - Recommended for schools with 1000 to 2000 students:

One year subscription includes 80,000 text messages                               $3,595


Level 4 - Recommended for schools with 2000 to 5000 students:

One year subscription includes 200,000 text messages                             $4,995


Level 5 - Recommended for schools with 5000 to 10000 Students:

One year subscription includes 400,000 text messages                             $7,495


Choosing your institution’s "level":   Your institution's database is capped at 125% of the maximum student body size indicated for the level purchased. Note that your institution's database may include students, faculty, administration, parents/student family members, alumni, and community members.  Schools with extensive alumni networks or other unusual database needs may need to purchase a larger database. Our annual message text message allowances are based upon the level purchased and a generous estimate of normal school use based upon our experience with our school clients. Additional credits are available for purchase.    


CampusNotice® is a web-based system that provides emergency and non-emergency SMS text messaging broadcasts to targeted groups within your campus community. This simple, low-cost solution offers institutional control of the on-line database of participant information, and access from both internet-connected computers and wireless mobile devices.

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